Firm Culture

At K&F, we believe that diversity is a strategic imperative that ignites growth for our business. Our differences make us more innovative, empathetic and impactful. And when difficulties arise, our accepting and inclusive workforce is able to connect on a deeper level, based on shared experiences, to improve collaboration and ultimately, outcomes.

As a firm, we celebrate our differences and explore our wide range of experiences and perspectives.

Transforming through diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee. This task force is spearheaded by our leadership and chaired by employees across the firm, including attorneys, paralegals and support staff. As an internal forum, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee helps ensure all colleagues are consistently heard, represented and respected.

The D&I Committee regularly publishes a firm newsletter. Every issue focuses on inspiring stories of our staff, cultural events, holidays, and other happenings, to build connections and understanding among the wide range of ethnicities, lifestyles, religious beliefs and histories that make up our law practice. The publication’s goal is to bring fresh voices to this ongoing dialogue.

As a law firm devoted to an environment that represents all cultures and ideas, our mission is to provide support and understanding at every turn, for our team members as well as our local community. To that end, our future diversity and inclusion community programming plans include:

  • Developing a pro-bono pipeline and volunteer opportunities to work with disenfranchised groups in NYC.
  • Establishing a name change clinic and offering assistance to transgender individuals who are changing their legal identity.
  • Sponsoring diverse professional associations.

Inspiring growth. Making a difference.

K&F is proud to support the All Stars Project, Inc. and participates in their Development School for Youth (DSY) program. DSY gives local young people, ages 16-21, opportunities to explore professional skills and experiences. K&F conducts workshops and provides training in leadership and business, including resume writing, networking and public speaking.

Building relationships for success.

Each year, K&F admits a small class of rising, third-year law school students to our Summer Associate Program. It provides law students who are interested in real estate law with an experience that mirrors that of a first-year Associate. Our Summer Associates shadow our attorneys, sit in on calls and meetings with clients and work alongside our paralegals. Many are invited to return as full time Associates upon graduation.

K&F alumni who move on to corporate positions or take on new roles related to the industries we serve are encouraged to stay connected through our alumni network. Leveraging relationships in the legal, real estate and finance communities provides our people with exceptional professional networking, resources and development opportunities.